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About Us

Green routes Hospitality - Consultants With a Difference

Green routes Hospitality offers services designed to help entrepreneurs and experienced hoteliers in the hospitality industry reap the fruits of their efforts and investments in the best possible way. The company has at its helm a director who has tremendous experience in the hospitality industry. His experience is an accumulation of 18 years of hard work and success in various ventures in India and abroad.

Green routes Hospitality offers its services to small, medium and large-scale hotels or resorts in various areas. We not only start you on your journey in the wonderful hospitality industry but also stay with you till you have reached your destination.

The services offered by us are:
  • Consulting for management and operations of your venture at every step.
  • We will undertake the recruiting of personnel.
  • The training of personnel for your hotel is also our responsibility.
  • We also take care of the sales and marketing of your business
  • Installing the appropriate hotel and travel software for your business.
  • Coming up with innovative ideas to make your hotel or resort stand out.

Green routes hospitality has long term associations with tour consultancies across the globe. Thus we will not only guide you in management and operations but also help you build a long guest list for your hotel. This list is bound to grow with plenty of referrals.

Green routes Hospitality also undertakes turnkey projects of various scales. Due to our experiences that extend beyond the national boundaries we can help you design and operate a hotel or a resort that is at par with international standards.

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