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Initial Investigation

i) Brief Feasibility Study

This brief study includes a short description of Market Location Characteristics, Project Site and Area Evaluation, Competition and Demand Analysis.

ii) Mission Statement

It will be important for the overall planning of the project to establish a clear Mission Statement together with the Owners and/or Board of Directors. This Mission Statement will set clear and concise guidelines on the classification and operating philosophy of the planned facility. The Mission Statement sets the stage for all parties working together on the project - from consultants, ultimately, to rank-and-file staff

iii) Concept Statement

The Concept Statement is a detailed, descriptive projection of how the facilities and services will be perceived by end-users. The Concept Statement introduces some operational issues but focuses on the ambience and atmosphere of each discrete zone and on the "flow" between these zones.

iv) Operating Values

Based on the Mission Statement. Concept Statement and grading of the proposed property, detailed Operating Philosophy/values for the Hotel will be prepared which includes the following information;

Recreation (active) Area Requirements
Relaxation (passive) Area Requirements
Public Area Requirements
Member/Guest Requirements
Locker Rooms
Pro Shop
Equipment Rental
Communication Systems
Computer Systems
Indication of Quality of Finishes
Brief on Operating Systems for all facilities and member and guest sub-populations (computer systems, audio-visual systems etc.)

The above steps should be regarded as the most important since the end product will be clearly defined. With this approach, the process of establishing an overall Project Budget will be simplified.

v) Site Analysis

To assess the potential for the project, a review of the proposed site, or sites, will be undertaken to determine if the critical success factors are incorporated. This would include a S.W.O.T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) which focuses on the elements affecting the project.

Funding Services

i) Equity/Debt Structure Advice

Structuring your company correctly for the inevitable cash flow fluctuations of a leisure business requires significant forethought. Our services ensure the optimum approach in different financial jurisdictions.

ii) Investor Searches

Matching the needs of the developer, investor and the operator, we assist in sourcing funds for the leisure industry to meet start-up, turn-around, acquisition and business expansion requirements.

iii) Offer Documentation Preparation

Packaging the leisure industry in the optimum way requires good background knowledge of the industry. Our expertise ensures a sound, professional approach.

iv) Loan Documentation Preparation

With our knowledge of banking and investment structures and requirements and an in-depth understanding of the leisure industry, we can assist in presenting good arguments for loan facilities.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance includes a wide range of important services for the Owners and Operators of the property.

i) Preparation of Overall Concept Statement

This document is an extension to the more marketing-related Concept Statement in the Initial Investigation. Here, however, there is more of a technical bias with detailed attention to safety, security, hygiene and user-comfort. Included also are sections on staffing, programming (of activities) and specialist equipment requirements.

ii) Area Program (Facilities/Services Mix)

The Area Program forms the first step in producing flow charts and "bubble" diagrams to indicate which facilities and services will be made available to users. The Area Program lists each component and the minimum area (square meter ) requirement of these components. The Area Program serves as both a Checklist and a detailed planning tool for the Architect and Interior Designer.

iii) Critical Path Plan

This matrix of technical, operational and marketing-related issues forms the master plan timetable up to and beyond the grand opening. Critically timed items are flagged. Monthly action plans will be formulated and revised based upon the Critical Path Plan.

iv) Design Statement (Space Requirements)

This document gives detailed guidelines on issues such as materials and finishes, the relationship between certain areas (sightline protection, use of solid and soft, full/half height partitions), ceiling heights and lighting treatments. Special design issues - for example, mechanical and electrical requirements, concealed power socket placements and safety issues - are highlighted.

v) Design Layout (initial)

The Leisure Consultants will assist the Interior Designer and appointed Consultants in the creation of a sensible, comfortable and operationally sound layout which encompasses the Initial Concept Statement, Design Statement and Area Programme. This translation of words and ideas to drawings is a process which ends in the final approval of drawing submissions by the Owner.

vi) Site Meetings Attendance

A senior representative of De mark will attend site meetings chaired by the Owner or owners' representative and/or Project Manager as required.

vii) Preparation of Specialist Fittings, Fixtures and Equipment List

The Leisure Consultants will prepare a detailed list of specialist equipment for the Owners' consideration based on the Concept Statement and Operating Philosophy. This list is formulated with input from the Interior Design Team to ensure continuity.

viii) Provide and/or Revise Specifications

In principle this involves providing assistance, checking and recommending specifications on all Mechanical and Electrical and detailed design work. A comprehensive report on each space is provided (e.g. reception desk, shower cubicles, fitness evaluation office, whirlpool plant rooms and golf simulator etc.)

ix) Construction Progress Reviews

As construction commences, unique site problems inevitably arise. The Leisure Consultant will liaise with the Design Team and contractors to resolve these problems with workable, cost-effective solutions. Recommendations for improvements and refinements will be coordinated through the Project Team.

x) Preliminary and Phase II Drawing Reviews

This includes a detailed review of all preliminary and Phase II plans and drawings at scale 1:200 and 1:100 to ensure that the Owners requirements as stated in the Initial Brief and Concept Statement are reflected in the drawings.

xi) Preparation of Final Punch List and Critical Path

The Final Punch List and Critical Path will be established together with the Main Contractor and/or Design Team in coordination with all nominated sub-contractors to direct the progress of various trades on-site.

Marketing & Sales

i) Marketing Intelligence Report Strategy

This report includes a clear description of present and future direct competition, market trends, visitation trends and major sources of business.

ii) Marketing and Sales Action Plan

This comprehensive document includes pricing policy, tariff structures, proposed advertising campaigns, market segment break-downs and the relevant sensitivity analyses.

iii) Preparation of Marketing Launch Program

A 12 month product wise marketing and sales action plan leading up to, including and after the opening of the hotel, identifies strategies to promote and sell the facilities and services.

iv) Pre-opening PR Activities Plans

This includes arrangements, in coordination with the appointed PR consultant, for periodic press conferences and press releases related to the progress made on-site for placement in carefully selected media.

v) Establish and Recommend Corporate Identity of the Project

This would include a detailed brief to be given to an agency for preparation of all graphic designs of the recreation-related areas. This incorporates graphic signage, directional signage, framed artwork, 3D art forms, staff uniform concepts, staff name badge, all printed collateral (newsletter format, menu cards, brochure, price lists, etc.)

Ongoing Management Services

1. Operations

i) Supervision and Management

Provide the requisite services to correctly supervise and manage the HOTEL, ensuring the efficient operation of the facilities and optimizing the use of the FACILITIES.

ii) Pricing Structures

Recommend, establish and revise as appropriate the prices for all aspects of the hotel operations, ensuring that the pricing strategy meets the business goals of the client.

iii) Repairs and Maintenance

Maintain the premises of the hotel in good condition and make recommendations for the necessary replacement, repair and renovation of the hotel premises.

This would incorporate a proper preventive maintenance procedure and the implementation of energy saving measures.

Negotiate contracts with suppliers, contractors and other parties in connection with the operation of the hotel to achieve the optimum conditions for the client.

iv) Risk Management

Provide guidelines, procedures and systems to ensure that the hotel is correctly looking after health and safety risks, hygiene and personal injury requirements, as well as security and crisis management issues.

v) Capital Improvements

Present to the client recommendations and proposals for the development of the hotel facilities which would be appropriate for the hotel's growth, profitability and image.

vi) Publicity and Public Relations

Responsibility for the promotion of the hotel both internally to the residents and externally to the community to develop the awareness and the positioning of the hotel.

This would include newsletters, brochure, advertising (where appropriate) and publicity materials - all developed to enhance the hotel identity.

2. Finance Services

i) Accounting Procedures

Maintain proper accounting procedures relating to invoicing, purchasing, payroll and the general accounts for the hotel.

ii) Assets Management

Maintain internal control measures and information systems to safeguard the assets of the hotel and to ensure the efficient operation of the hotel.

iii) Operational Statements

Prepare and present monthly operational statements showing the gross revenues and results of the hotel operations, incorporating a review of the operations related to the financial budgets for the hotel.

iv) Banking and Credit Systems

Develop adequate and proper banking procedures and policies to ensure the security of the hotel funds and to maximise the benefits from those funds. This would also include credit control systems to minimise the risk of bad debts.

v) Financial Budgets

Prepare annual budgets for the hotel and monitor the performance of the hotel against these budgets, including ensuring that the cash flow provisions for the hotel can be adequately covered.

These detailed forecasts for the hotel operations will form the basis for the annual operations and are an important procedure for the client and the management company.

vi) Taxation

Preparation and filing of all tax declarations relating to the hotel and its operations.

vii) Purchasing Policies

Implementation procedures and controls for the acquisition of all stock and merchandise, including negotiating and dealing with all suppliers and vendors to ensure the best pricing and terms for the operation.

3. Personnel

i) Staff Recruitment

Engage the personnel for the hotel's operation, varying the requirements based on the efficient and effective operation of the hotel.

Determining the terms of employment, levels of remuneration, benefits and working conditions of personnel in line with industry standards and the financial budget for the hotel.

ii) Training Programmes

The development and implementation of training programmes geared towards staff retention, productivity and the implementation of new procedures.

This would ensure individual growth and internal promotion aimed at the long-term development of superior human resources within the operation.

iii) PersonnelRecords

Maintenance of personnel files and records for all personnel to ensure that conditions of employment are fulfilled in accordance with local legislation and codes of practice.

Monitoring and appraising employee's ability and performance in all aspects of their work.

iv) Interim Manager Services

In the course of normal business, the upper layers of management may become indispensable even for short periods of time. And in the hotel and spa and leisure industry today, industry best-practice may not allow for enough additional resources to cover necessary breaks in the yearly calendar such as annual leave. Emergencies such as bereavements or personal injury or sickness can devastate a business - particularly in extremely competitive markets and in remote locations.

The sudden permanent loss of top management for whatever reason causes a dilemma as the search and recruitment process for the right talent to replace specialist staff can take over 6 months in some cases.

Consequently, interim manager services inserts a specialist into a situation to 'hold the fort' and maintain stability in the business until adequate replacements are found or the gap has been bridged. This may be on a planned calendar to cover annual leave or on an emergency basis.

v) Physical Facility Reviews/Audits

There are three aspects to physical assets or facility 'hardware';

Original design layout and space allocation, flow of traffic and selection of finishes
Maintenance of the hardware over time - including preventive maintenance
Expansion or remodeling requirements to respond to current market requirements

Reviewing and analyzing these in the context of each other can produce a facilities road map that can help to keep the facilities current.

Such an audit can also assist in avoiding sudden requirements for capital injections that can cripple the business. An assessment of capital replacement reserve status and additional funds to be set aside relieves pressure and anxiety on management - leaving the staff to focus on service delivery standards.

vi) Management Reviews/Audits

To maintain high standards, it is often useful to have an independent review of current management practices. This ensures that industry benchmarks are being maintained but it can also be a way of introducing new contemporary ideas and policies etc to a business.

A planned and assisted Management Review is a constructive way for the management team to self-evaluate and set short-term and medium-term goals - for their department and for themselves personally.

This should be a two-way procedure where the management staff also makes known their expectations from the employer and for their career.

Another alternative is to engage a 'mystery shopper' to experience and study the facilities and services on hand and produce a report and plan for remedial action together with targets and milestones on a timetable.

vii) Systems & Standards Reviews

Whereas the bricks and mortar, fixtures fittings and equipment of a leisure facility are very important in allowing the best facilities and services to be consistently delivered to the user, the 'hardware' only goes so far. The systems and standards, policies and standard operating procedures, can differentiate two facilities with the same hardware. The SOP can be altered and improved with very little or no investment or capital outlay. And yet the difference perceived by the user can be remarkable.

viii) Staff Audit and Appraisals

In the same way that the 'hardware' and "firmware' play their relative part in the service delivery process, the staff audit and performance appraisal is being carried out by us as part of efficiency improvement and for Motivation.

ix) Joint Venture Team Formation

In the increasingly complex world we find ourselves ways to creatively combine resources efficiently to gain an edge. Sometimes this involves joint venture formations that necessarily span different states, cultures, legal platforms and banking rules.

Creating a fair and equitable JV in such trying circumstances can be problematic and without due care and diligence may not be long lasting. De mark has built a solid platform of expertise and wisdom in and around Kerala.

Pre-opening Operational Assistance

i) Establish Department Operational Procedures

We will design and prepare an appropriate operational procedures which will be tailored for the entire operating department. This includes an SOP Policy Manual.

ii) Establish Manning Guide and Recruitment Schedule

This refers to preparing a detailed Manning job description, together with an overall Organization Chart, Recruitment Schedule (staggered over the opening period) and departmental staff Handbook on Induction.

This approach implements modern administrative personnel practices to limit staff turnover, ensure efficiency and develop a well-trained, hospitable corps of staff.

Our Consulting Team will arrange a series of personnel training workshops , work-shops and seminars in such fields as Reception Operations, Telephone Techniques, Complaints Handling and Social Skills, Preventive Maintenance, Computer Skills, Selling Skills, Up selling and Cross selling, Marketing and Facility Bookings.

Also made available is a variety of training opportunities in other Hotels and Resorts. All costs for participating personnel such as salaries, transportation, board and accommodation in connection with any such program will be for the account of the Client.

iii) Purchasing Assistance

Direct manufacturer contact through the Consultants wide range of contacts and influence in the industry will bring tremendous savings and ensure value-for-money, packaged prices. Consolidated freight will bring further savings in capital expenditure. Procurement services are usually based on a percentage of the contracted purchase price for items purchased.

iv) Financial Budget and Business Modeling

This involves the preparation (with associated recommendations) to the Owners of a Financial Forecast covering the first twelve (12) months of operation. Detailed assumptions and formulae will be given to allow sensitivity analyses to be performed.

v) Preparation of Pre-opening Budget

A detailed projection of Pre-opening expenses will be presented to the Owners for information and approval.

vi) Prepare 5 Year Forecast

A detailed 5 year operating forecast with assumptions based on historical trends and an account of the impact of possible influencing factors will be prepared and submitted.

vii) Project Budget Control

The Consultants will execute, through the project accountant, a controlling function on the overall Project Budget and advise the Owners of critical areas and steps to be taken such as value engineering, strategic cost cutting exercises, substitutions and acceptable deletions.

viii) Accounting Systems Guidance

This would include setting up a computerized accounting system in accordance with the Uniform System of Accounts to the degree permitted by local laws, conventions and custom. This system will allow easy comparison of the performance of the Hotel with similar establishments of comparable class within the industry.

ix) Pre-opening Training Plan

The Consultants will prepare a Pre-opening familiarization and training Plan for all employees including guest-contact staff in other departments.

x) Maintenance Services Planning

A Preventive Maintenance Program will be established for all specialist equipment with supervision of the program to ensure performance is maximized and expenses minimized.

xi) IT Systems Recommendations and Integration

De mark is constantly evaluating emerging technologies and monitoring contemporary industry trends and needs. Optimum solutions are determined by integrating a wide variety of applications to produce advanced customer and member-focused models rather than mere management based solutions,

xii) Analysis

This involves making critical analysis of the profit and loss statement for the Hotel once operations are established. Recommendations are made to streamline operations, maximize revenues and minimize costs. A full Management Operations Review (MOR) is also available.

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